Final application date

18 April, 2021



About us…

Signality is an intelligent sports platform that gives sports rights holders, such as the betting and broadcasting industry and the leagues themselves, superpowers by analyzing video in real-time and extracting unprecedented datasets and statistics. When we say live, we mean milliseconds.

We use our patent-pending proprietary player tracking technology to give leagues, rights holders, and federations access to team and player performance analytics without costly installations. This enables new revenue streams for leagues, betting companies, and broadcasting/OTT.

The opportunity…

As Data Engineer at Signality, you will be an integral part of defining how we work with our models and data. This entails developing processes and tools for ensuring top-of-the-line data integrity and service quality. You will also be involved in defining and setting up best practices and frameworks for the data quality feedback loop that is integral to our service’s continuous improvement. To ensure that the quality is assured most effectively, you will keep one ear to the product and customer needs and feedback and the other to the development team.

The role calls for both writing code when creating tools and dashboards and developing quality assurance processes. The grand vision is a framework that enables fast, easy, and effective assurance of the integrity of the data we deliver during its whole lifetime.

Your impact…

Instrumental to Signality’s reputation when it comes to service availability and data quality.

You should have…

  • MS in Computer Science or equivalent engineering experience
  • Relevant software development experience
  • Experience programming in Python or Javascript (both is a huge plus!)
  • Experience in test automation, databases, and relevant scripting technologies
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Availability during evenings and weekends for live game quality assurance

And has a personality that likes…

  • Attention to detail
  • Openness to constructive feedback
  • Getting the job done
  • Getting your hands dirty!
  • Eagerness to learn new skills and technologies
  • Continually improving the tools and platform that you use.

We get off on solving real problems in the simplest, fastest, most elegant manner possible and want to work with people fitted with a problem-solving mindset. Being immersed in a challenging environment working on cutting-edge fields, you must have a manifested interest in AI technology and genuinely curious about anything.