The town hall of Linköping buzzed with anticipation as the next round of the Brilliant Mentors of the Future program was officially launched.

This year we have 19 mentor pairs, representing diverse sectors in the business world. The kickoff was introduced with presentations by Linköping municipality, Linköping Science Park, and former mentor pair Malin and Conny who also got to share their experience with audience. The evening was the first opportunity for the participants to get to know each other and start talking about their aspirations during the program time.

“Now, it will be up to the pairs to set up their first meeting. Later on, we’ll arrange a midterm meetup to catch up with what they’ve accomplished so far and share know-hows. It’s very fun to see the interest and participation this year,” says Patrik Habbe, Project Manager of Brilliant Mentors of the Future.

What’s Brilliant Mentors of the Future?

The project Brilliant Mentors of the Future focuses on bridging the gender gap between senior professionals with younger individuals where the student becomes the mentor for the more senior person. This way of mentoring aims to share perspectives and knowledge between generations which brings benefits for both parties, such as:

Benefits for Students:

  • Cultivate leadership and communication skills
  • Broaden professional network
  • Exposure to real-world challenges
  • Develop personal and professional abilities

Benefits for companies:

  • Gain fresh perspectives
  • Close generational gaps
  • Promote diversity, foster equality and combat stereotypes
  • Retain young talent