Today marked the final meetup for the mentorship program “Brilliant Mentors of the Future,” a unique initiative in reverse mentorship. However, as Anna Broeders, Talent and Community Manager at Linköping Science Park, eloquently expressed:

“Even though this is our last meetup, we hope this is not the end of your relationships with each other, but rather the starting point of an ongoing exchange.”

The farewell event took place under the sunshine on the rooftop of the Mjärdevi Center, where students and their mentors had the opportunity to mingle and reflect on their shared experiences. Louise Felldin, Director of Economic Development at Linköping Municipality, kicked off the session by sharing her insights from participating in the program. When Brilliant Mentors of the Future launched three years ago, Louise was one of the first mentees.

“My advice is to stay in touch and continue building these relationships. I learned a lot from my mentor; we still keep in touch and meet at least twice a year.”



How does the program work?

Brilliant Mentors of the Future pairs individuals in leadership positions within companies with students, creating a platform for intercultural connections between universities and the corporate world. Unlike traditional mentorship, this reverse mentorship program encourages mutual growth by allowing mentors and mentees to discuss topics that are relevant and enriching for both. This interaction fosters both professional and personal development for company leaders and students alike.

The program is set to return for another round in the fall of 2024 and the application period will open in September.

Funded by Linköping Municipality and managed by Patrik Habbe of Linköping Science Park, the initiative continues to strengthen the bonds between academia and industry. Learn More About Brilliant Mentors of the Future!