Mujtaba Hassan’s professional journey began in academia and will embark on a new endeavor in the private sector.

Originally from Sudan, Mujtaba initially pursued his bachelor’s Pharmacy in Sudan before earning a scholarship for a master’s in Medicinal Chemistry in Denmark. His academic pursuits continued with a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at Lund University, culminating in 2022.

After completing his Ph.D, Mujtaba found a new opportunity when his supervisor offered him a one-year position. However, he continued to explore new opportunities, leading him to engage with Switch to Sweden’s matchmaking activity, which focuses on connecting Marie Curie Fellows with companies in Sweden. As a result, Mujtaba successfully matched with a biotechnology company specializing in targeted therapies for challenging cancers. His new role will center on peptides within the field of medicinal chemistry

Mujtaba advocates for proactive involvement in social activities and engagement with various organizations while pursuing doctoral studies in Sweden. His connectivity and continuous pursuit of opportunities have proven instrumental in both his academic success and his future position in the private sector.

“Transitioning from academia to industry after spending years in the academic sphere is challenging. However, it’s essential to explore different job opportunities, learn from experiences, and understand the entire process,” emphasizes Mujtaba.

Interestingly, during the matchmaking activity, Mujtaba had an additional match with another company. This highlights the importance of niche activities in the labor market tailored for highly specialized talent, benefiting both individuals and companies. The platform facilitates seamless connections between specialized profiles and industries.

Mujtaba remarks on the critical role of research supervisors and universities in showcasing diverse career opportunities for Ph.D. students. This proactive approach aids in planning the next steps post-graduation, facilitating a smoother transition into the labor market.