Andreas Andersson, NIRA Dynamic

Yesterday, Linköping had the pleasure of hosting a delegation from Austria, orchestrated by the County Administrative Board and Advantage Austria. The visit aimed to deepen the relationship between Linköping and Upper Austria and culminated in establishing a formal collaboration between Linköping Science Park and Upper Austria. 

Fostering International Cooperation

This agreement is a gateway for companies interested in the Austrian market, offering a platform for bilateral knowledge transfer and cooperation over the next three years. The collaboration is designed to support trade and science missions, facilitate the incubation of startups and scaleups, and explore joint participation in research programs. The Export Center Upper Austria has pledged funds to support these initiatives, demonstrating a strong commitment to their success despite the agreement not imposing legal obligations.

Before the visit to Linköping Science Park, the Austrian delegation had the opportunity to visit two of Linköping’s industrial pillars: Saab and Combitech. These visits offered a deep dive into the region’s aerospace industry. Additionally, the delegation was introduced to the Innovative Materials Arena (IMA), an initiative dedicated to advancing new materials. The IMA showcases how Linköping is at the forefront of developing innovative materials that enhance performance and sustainability in various industries, including aerospace. 

Lena Miranda, CEO Linköping Science Park

Lena Miranda, CEO Linköping Science Park

The visit to Linköping Science Park kicked off on Thursday afternoon with a warm welcome from County Governor Carl Fredrik Graaf and an introduction from Erik Åqvist, representing the Linköping municipality. 

Showcasing Linköping’s Innovators

Fredrik Larsson and Lena Miranda from Linköping Science Park then took the stage to introduce Linköping Science Park and all the interesting companies situated there. Among other things, they presented Linköping Science Park’s focus on accelerator programs for growth companies, Swedish Scaleups and the progaram that connects startups with some of the region’s leading industrial companies, IndX. Maria Engelmark, Internationalization Director at Linköping University, highlighted the university’s strengths and role in fostering innovation and international cooperation. Her presentation set the stage for Andreas Andersson from NIRA Dynamics and Magnus Lundberg from Mabema, who showcased their companies’ technologies and market achievements.

NIRA Dynamics: Revolutionizing Vehicle Safety

Andreas Andersson presented NIRA Dynamics’ groundbreaking work in vehicle assistance, driver support, and road maintenance. NIRA’s advanced tyre pressure monitoring system (TPI) has not just sold over 100 million units globally, but has also enhanced safety and reduced environmental impact by ensuring optimal tyre inflation. Andersson also demonstrated NIRA’s road quality mapping technology, which doesn’t just use data to visualize road conditions, but significantly contributes to safer and more efficient travel.

The signing of a cooperation agreement between Linköping, Norrköping, and Upper Austria.

The signing of a cooperation agreement between Linköping, Norrköping, and Upper Austria.

Mabema: Pioneering Machine Vision

Magnus Lundberg introduced Mabema, a company with over two decades of experience in machine vision technologies. Specializing in quality inspection, volume measurement, and robot guidance, Mabema’s solutions enhance production efficiency and profitability. Their systems, utilizing both 2D and 3D cameras and the latest deep learning and AI technologies, are integral to many leading manufacturers worldwide and analyze over 300 million images annually.

Opportunities Ahead for Linköping Companies

The Austrian delegation’s visit has opened doors for businesses in Linköping and Östergötland to explore new markets and opportunities. Companies interested in gaining deeper insights into the Austrian market are encouraged to contact Fredrik Larsson at Linköping Science Park. This is a chance for startups and scaleups to tap into the resources and support available through this newly forged partnership.

The collaboration generated interest from the Austrian media, which covered the visit.

The collaboration generated interest from the Austrian media, which covered the visit. In the background Östergötland County Governor Carl-Fredrik Graaf

The Austrian delegation’s visit to Linköping has strengthened the ties between the two regions and highlighted the immense potential for future collaborations. By leveraging each other’s strengths and expertise, Linköping and Upper Austria are poised to achieve significant advancements in trade, innovation, and research. 

Now, we are going to deep-dive into what concrete offers are emerging for companies in Linköping due to the new agreement. If you and your company are already interested in the Austrian market, don’t hesitate to contact Fredrik Larsson (see contact details below) to receive ongoing information about the opportunities that are arising.