Joanna Sjölander

Cluster Leader : Cyberly

Keywords: cybersecurity, information security, digital resilience, defence, security

Joanna has the lead on Cyberly – our collaboration platform concerning digital resilience. Cyberly facilitates exchange and growth of knowledge and innovation between companies, academia and policymakers. Cyberly includes a Cluster of member companies as well as a broader network of companies in the Östergötland Region, Sweden.

Joanna has previously been in international business

development and marketing in both the IT- and the defence industry and holds a

Master Degree in International Business Management from Linköping University.

Before joining LiSP, Joanna was an independent consultant helping companies

excel within strategic communication, information security, crisis management

and international business relations; and contributed to policy making in the

defence and civil security sector. Joanna is also an officer in the Swedish

Home Guard as well as instructor in the Swedish Defence Forces and educator at

the Swedish Psychological Defence Agency.

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