Today we held our annual Summer Party in Collegiumparken and we are so happy that so many could join us on the beautiful summer day. The theme was to acknowledge the international talents working in the Science Park as they are crucial for our business community’s expansion in the upcoming years. The Science Park has employees from more than 50 countries, with the university hosting over 2000 international students and researchers. Additionally, approximately 70 internationally owned companies are based in Linköping Science Park.

In 2022, Linköping Science Park initiated the Vinnova funded program called Switch to Sweden. The program aimes to match Swedish-based international talents with Swedish employers using AI, with the goal of encouraging more students and researchers to pursue their careers in Sweden. As part of the program, a Relocation Guide to Sweden was co-created, which was launched during todays Summer Party.

We also had a panel discussion that encompassed various perspectives on this matter. The panelists consisted of Karin Axelsson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Linköping University, Mats Björnemo, Vice President Products & Services at Sectra, Lorna McGeown, HR manager at Softube, Tabea Schroth, Chief Marketing Officer at Mimsi Materials and Anna Broeders, Talent Manager at Linköping Science Park. We received many excellent and concrete suggestions on how employers can work towards opening up and recruiting international talents, as well as helping the talents find their way into the workforce and a life in Sweden.

Lastly, we were happy to announce Worldish as Co-creator of the year. We believe that Abhishek Jacob and Naveen Sasidharan embody the true spirit of co-creation, sharing their invaluable knowledge and actively supporting the entire Linköping Science Park community. With open minds and big hearts, Abhishek and Naveen have become real co-creators, seizing every opportunity to collaborate. As true ambassadors of Sweden, East Sweden, Linköping –  and the entire innovation ecosystem, they inspire all of us to embrace the power of collaboration, acting selflessly – and to make a long-lasting difference.

We thank all the participants and wish you all a lovely summer! Also a great thanks to Stångs Mjärdevi for the lovely food.