Arboair is a startup that aims to set the new standard for sustainable forestry in the world. Their vision is to revolutionize forestry by developing digitization with forest owners. With a strong belief that nothing is impossible to create with the right AI tools, they’ve now partnered with AI Sweden. Read on and join the 2023 workshop below.

Arboair was founded back in 2019 by Jacob Hjalmarsson and Markus Drugge, in Linköping. It’s a market-driven company where innovations and projects stem from challenges faced by forest owners.  Their solution is to use drones to collect images and monitor the forest. The data is sent to a platform for forest analysis, where users can analyze their forest for precision management planning, identify damage, or other specific needs. 

Synthetic digital twins, a project with AI Sweden

Arboair works with several AI-connected projects. At the moment, the focus is on a Vinnova-funded project with AI Sweden where they work with one of the largest forest owners in Sweden. The goal is to develop synthetic digital twins for radically improving forest analysis.

Partnership with AI Sweden 

Arboair will use AI Sweden’s Data Factory to train their models. The Data Factory encourages all partners to use their infrastructure to train AI models. 

“AI Sweden is a community where we can discuss and network with others and ask questions. That’s something we’ve missed… AI Sweden becomes like a gathering node for companies operating within this area,” says Jacob. 

Jacob underlines that Arboair has much to contribute to AI Sweden’s community and points to the processes they are developing in the digital twins project, where they are working on a way to train AI models faster and more effectively in complex real environments.

“AI Sweden’s goal is to accelerate and move AI forward, and that’s something we want to be associated with,” he says.

Join Arboair and AI Sweden’s upcoming workshop

Next up in Arboair’s pipeline is their first workshop with AI Sweden in spring 2023, where they will start the discussion of using synthetic data for real-world problems. The event will be open for all partners in AI Sweden, with the opportunity to join and discuss the topic. 

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To see more of  Arboair’s work, please visit  MyAI to learn more and connect.


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