Science Park Mjärdevi keeps expanding and this time by welcoming another successful company within customer support and development – Senzum. The company was established in 1994 and began to operate outside of Sweden’s borders about seven years later. Yesteryear, the company set up an office in Malaga, Spain. Throughout the years, Senzum has eased the business operations of various companies due to their competence and experience in the field. Senzum offers a variety of IT-related services within technical support, customer service, clouding, but also education and consulting.


Today, Senzum operates in a facility close to Linköping Centralstation on Industrigatan but is facing a move to Mjärdevi Science Park in time for next summer. A workforce of about 100 people is expected to join the Science Park family as Senzum plans to open their door to an even bigger facility on Diskettgatan.

“We are really excited about welcoming Senzum. Science Park Mjärdevi has grown and continous to grow with the years, and Senzum is an ideal example of an IT company that strengthens Mjärdevi’s reputation as an attractive venue where tech companies want to establish and grow”, says Science Park Mjärdevi’s CEO Lena Miranda.

Follow Senzum’s journey to Mjärdevi on their blog.