Felix, Sofia and Niels presenting for Rotary in Mjölby.

To align everyone with the momentum of getting everyone on board the technological development, particularly in AI, young talents from AI Sweden took center stage to inform the Rotary community in Mjölby about artificial intelligence and how it can be used.

The evening brought together various Rotary clubs from Östergötland, attracting a diverse audience comprising former and current technology sector professionals. Sofia, Felix, and Niels seized the opportunity to showcase the applications of AI and what to think about when using Chat GPT as well as how to identify if you’re being exposed to a scam. 

Reflecting on the evening, Young Talent participant Sofia says, “I was surprised by how well-informed the audience really was about AI. Engaging daily with individuals well-versed in AI, as I do, can create a bubble, making one forget that not everyone shares the same knowledge or societal perspectives on AI. This evening provided valuable insights into another audience’s views and sparked meaningful discussions on how AI can positively impact society.”

By letting junior people educate more senior people on AI we can bridge the gap between generations. Efforts like these  contribute to knowledge and experience sharing, which also aligns very well with AI Sweden’s broader mission, to accelerate the use of AI in society, creating a meaningful impact for everyone living in Sweden.