Prodelox is a product development agency with clients ranging from global names such as ELFA and Elekta to smaller start-ups like Edeva and XM Reality. As of July 1st this summer, Prodelox moved their operations to Science Park Mjärdevi at Teknikringen 9. On top of the move, Prodelox celebrates their 10 year anniversary this year. This made for a reason to celebrate with both clients and business partners. Prodelox put together a Thursday night of fun with a tour of the new office and workshop, mingle, as well as interesting lecturers from leaders and entrepreneurs in Prodelox’ network.

One of the night’s keynote speakers was the former Linköping local Elin Elkehag, CEO and founder of Stilla Inc. Elin held a presentation on the topic of how to start a hardware company in 100 days, the story about her company’s journey from a startup to operating in Silicon Valley, San Francisco under the span of 100 days.

Science Park Mjärdevi’s CEO Lena Miranda was present at the anniversary celebration, and was given the honor to inaugurate the facility. “We are happy to welcome Prodelox to the Science Park. With their knowledge and experience in product development, they will certainly contribute to our innovative environment. The work of Prodelox assist big corporates innovate themselves. On top of this, they also work with startups in order for them to realize their new innovative products and make them valid to go to the market. A lot of companies have asked for a prototype facility in the park, I’m very pleased to see that we now have the competence as well as the facilities to meet that need.”, says Lena

Science Park Mjärdevi wishes Prodelox a happy birthday, and a warm welcome to the Park!