Do you know someone who tirelessly supports other entrepreneurs and deserves some attention?

The Sollos Prize is awarded annually. The prize is SEK 100,000 and is given for entrepreneurial initiatives worth encouraging and to an entrepreneur who also does something for other entrepreneurs.

Sollo’s prize is personal and rewards what Lars Olof “Sollo” Bäckman was passionate about entrepreneurship and the ability to combine business with having fun together.

The award is given to people who, in various ways, have supported and actively worked to strengthen the entrepreneurial platform in Sweden.

In Solo’s spirit, people are sought who, without apparent self-interest, through their activity or deed, actively contribute or have contributed to inspiring, simplifying or helping entrepreneurs and self-employed people to get started and run their businesses.

A great strength is also if the person with a twinkle in their eye contributes to a friendlier and more enjoyable business without sacrificing quality.

Sollo’s prize has three keywords that should distinguish the prize winners:

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Note: Linköping Science Park is not part of the prize or involved in any way. This news text is only intended to tell about the opportunity.