Will be the leading provider of SaaS-based cloud solutions to the European market. New strong partnership will provide greater opportunities for players in the fitness industry. Sweden’s leading IT and software company for solutions targeted at the fitness industry, BRP Systems AB, strengthens its position with the acquisition of Danish software company Sport Solution A/S. The acquisition is strategically important for BRP Systems AB, and an important part of increasing value creation for their customers.

BRP Systems AB acquires per today the Aarhus-based software company, Sport Solution A/S, which has a leading position in the Danish fitness market with its specialized SaaS-based cloud solution for Center Management and administration. Sport Solution A/S was founded in 2006 and has been continuously growing over its lifetime and today provides software to a broad customer base employed in the fitness industry in Denmark, as well as having operations in Sweden, England, Germany, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. BRP Systems AB is a fast-growing SaaS company and has for several years been named a Gazelle company with a market-leading position in software for the fitness industry in Sweden and Norway.

A strategic milestone

Kujtim Salihu, CEO of BRP Systems, describes the acquisition of Sport Solution as a “cornerstone” of achieving the goal of growing in the European market, which is a key part of BRP Systems’ strategy. “With the acquisition of Sport Solution A/S, we are adding some complementary markets and competencies to our existing portfolio which provides new opportunities both in Denmark as well as in our other markets in the Nordic region and the rest of Europe.”

“Sport Solution A/S has a clear market-leading position and delivers solutions to more than 500 training and wellness facilities in the Danish market and with their in-depth industry knowledge and strong relationship with customers, they are an obvious strategic choice for us. BRP Systems aims to be the preferred and strongest operator in solutions for the fitness industry, and Sport Solution A/S will play a significant role. We are convinced that Sport Solution will provide a very positive contribution to our future position in the market and support that we can fulfill our long-term growth strategy”, says Kujtim Salihu.

Preserves existing identity and culture

At Sport Solutions’ head office in Aarhus, there is also great excitement about the prospect of coming under BRP Systems ownership. “The basis for selling to BRP Systems is, among other things, that we will be able to continue as before. We maintain our identity and corporate culture, which is very important to us. We also continue with the current staff, which has also been of great importance. I simply can’t imagine a better match in terms of vision, value set, culture, synergies and competencies – there was simply nothing to speak against it, ”says Sport Solutions Managing Director and co-owner Mads Skovsgaard, and continues; “I am very excited to be allowed to work with the passionate and professional people behind BRP Systems and I look forward to being challenged by them in the journey of providing the best services to our customers. I am really looking forward to the future collaboration,” says Mads Skovsgaard, who continues as Managing Director of Sport Solution A/S, as well as joining the ownership circle in BRP Holding, together with other key employees in Sport Solution.

New technological opportunities

“BRP’s platform contains functionalities that are of particular interest to our customers, which include, among other things, traditional gyms, crossfit boxes, yoga studios, martial arts and sports centers. The platform will strengthen the entire value adding services towards our customers. Furthermore, BRP has a long-term strategy that appeals to us very much, and we share very basic views on, among other things, customers and service. Furthermore, BRP will help us continue our International expansion – i.e. in UK and Germany, where we are already present. Both we and BRP have an ambition to intensify the opportunities

offered by new technologies such as AI, Big Data and IoT, and we now have optimal opportunities to allocate additional resources to the continued development of our products for the benefit of all our current and future customers ”, says Mads Skovsgaard.

“Our long-term ambition for the group is to become the leading supplier of SaaS-based cloud solutions to the European market and with the acquisition of Sport Solution, another stone has been laid on the path to fulfilling this ambition. Our hinterland gives us a unique opportunity to develop and deliver exactly what our customers need, and we have for many years achieved very good results in this area,” says both Kujtim Salihu and Mads Skovsgaard. “Overall, we have both the financial strength and the necessary skills to deliver state of the art products and services that will benefit the entire market. It is an exciting future that lies ahead of us.”

Who is Sport Solution A/S?

  • Founded in 2006
  • Headquartered in Aarhus
  • CEO: Mads Skovsgaard
  • Has 20 employees
  • Over 500 training and wellness facilities make use of Sport Solution
  • Provides software that handles memberships, bookings, communications, product sales, analytics tools, access control and more.
  • Have won several Gazelle prizes

Who is BRP Systems AB?

  • Founded in 2003
  • Headquartered in Linköping, Sweden
  • CEO: Kujtim Salihu
  • Has 70 employees located in Sweden, Norway and Iceland
  • More than 1600 training and wellness facilities use BRP Systems software
  • Provides over 80 integrations against other software solutions
  • Have won several Gazelle prizes

For more information, please contact

Kujtim Salihu
CEO BRP Systems
+46 735 201 13

Mads Skovsgaard
CEO Sport Solution A/S
+45 31 68 43 10