This spring, Linköping Science Park is set to become a melting pot of international collaboration as it welcomes multiple delegations from around the globe. Companies keen on exploring markets in the USA, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, and Lithuania are encouraged to engage with these opportunities. Particularly, firms specializing in defense, cybersecurity, sustainability, energy and environmental solutions, as well as those focused on smart cities and connected products and systems, will find these meetings invaluable.

The lineup includes a joint visit from Palo Alto, USA, and representatives from Enschede, Netherlands, on April 25. This is followed by the arrival of Poland’s ambassador on March 26, and later in the spring, a business delegation from Austria will visit. Marking the series of high-profile visits, Lithuania’s new ambassador will make their appearance on March 19.

Linköping Science Park is facilitating these encounters as a unique chance for local businesses to expand their networks, understand foreign markets better, and potentially foster long-term partnerships. Interested companies are urged to get in touch with Linköping Science Park to participate in these rare and potentially transformative meetings.