Lena Miranda, CEO Science Park Mjärdevi

Together with Region Östergötland, Teknika Verken, RISE SICS East, and National Forensic Center, Science Park Mjärdevi is investigating the possibilities to build a hub for secure IoT-solutions. The long-term goal is for companies to find new business opportunities with IoT, and to attract both competence and new companies. We are inviting companies in the region to join.

The smart specialization strategy, developed by Region Östergötland in close cooperation with academia, industry, and society highlights five strength areas in our region. One of these is smart, secure and robust connected products and systems, in short terms Secure IoT.

Lena Miranda is the regional coordinator for this area. What does it mean?
-As a coordinator, it is my duty to maintain a clear picture of the strengths, its actors, skills, companies, and ongoing projects – and to try to spread that knowledge in a wider context.

In recent years we have sought forms to intensify and exchange our regional work in this area. Among other things, we have conducted studies on how companies in the region work with IoT, which test environments exist for using IoT equipment.

Last year we conducted a project together with Tekniska Verken, Ericsson, LiU, and Stångåstaden, where we, using IoT technology, measured and analyzed the production of district heating in order to streamline production ahead. Together with the RISE SICS East research institute, we have also conducted a preliminary study on starting an IoT test bed in the region. In 2017, LORA networks were also set up in Mjärdevi with reach a few miles from the park.

What’s going on now?
-At the moment, we are working on an application to establish an IoT Hub in Östergötland. The main applicant is Region Östergötland, but the hub is intended to be created in close collaboration with the Tekniska Verken, the National Forensic Center and the RISE research institute. The purpose of the IoT hub is that public actors should be able to submit needs, which should be matched with solutions that companies and academia can contribute. Then we will test and evaluate IoT technology and equipment to find the solution that suits the best.

-We will also make efforts to build a community around Secure IoT and create contact areas for companies into the hub, as well as seek innovation projects that gather public needs owners, companies, and researchers who can contribute to the solution. We also need to create networks outside the region to become relevant in a broader context.

If, as a company, I think this sounds interesting, what do I do?
– We are actively looking for companies that want to join and run projects within the hub. Please contact me and we will take a prerequisite discussion based on that.

What is the long-term goal of the hub?
– The long-term goal is to make the region known as a center for skills in Secure IoT. We want companies to find new business opportunities with IoT, and we hope to build an environment that will attract us both talent and new companies in the slightly longer term.

Lena Miranda

Lena Miranda, CEO Science Park Mjärdevi