Lena Miranda, CEO, Linköping Science Park. Dr. Augusto Marcelli, the Science Attaché from Italy and Dr Donatella Puglisi Associate Professor, Linköping University

Linköping Science Park welcomed a distinguished guest on October 5th, as Dr. Augusto Marcelli, the Science Attaché from Italy, visited to establish international solid cooperation between key institutions in Sweden and Italy. The primary objective of this visit was to strengthen connections with strategically important environments for innovation and research in both countries.
Dr. Marcelli’s visit spanned two days, commencing on October 4th, during which he engaged with representatives from academia and industry. For example, he met the Vice-Chancellor of Linköping University and other key figures from the academic and industrial sectors.

At Linköping Science Park, Dr. Marcelli engaged in discussions with Lena Miranda, CEO of Linköping Science Park, and Fredrik Larsson, CMO of the science park. The discussions revolved around the Swedish and Linköping innovation ecosystem, competitiveness, and various common interests and international strategies within the fields of innovation and international cooperation.

One of the highlights of the visit was Dr. Marcelli’s visit to Sectra, where he met with Lars Wettergren, Vice President of Global Partner Sales for Sectra Imaging IT Solutions, Lica Conti, Market Area Manager for Sectra Education, and Robert Lindquist, Executive Vice President of Sectra Communications. Sectra presented its various divisions and discussed its relationship with Italy. Notably, Sectra has a substantial presence in Italy, boasting over 100 customers in the radiology sector alone.

Dr. Marcelli also had the opportunity to explore Linköping’s vibrant startup scene with a visit to the LEAD incubator. During this visit, he met with Nate Robinson from Lunamicro, providing him with a firsthand look at the dynamic startup environment in Linköping.

The bonds between Sweden and Italy have always been strong, with a substantial Italian community in the country and numerous distinguished researchers and engineers in various fields. The Italian Science Attaché and Linköping Science Park look forward to fostering even stronger ties to support companies interested in the Italian market and Italian companies looking to invest in Linköping.

Dr. Augusto Marcelli’s visit marked a step towards enhancing international collaboration and fostering innovation in Sweden and Italy. The connections forged during this visit hold great promise for future research, development, and business collaboration initiatives between the two nations.