Linköping Science Park has brought people, organizations and institutions together for 40 years via fun activities, and educational events. It is a big part of our core purpose to do so and it’s something we definitely will continue doing! So we are happy to introduce our new Event / Arena Manager: Christoffer Kamronn  

How do you like Linköping Science Park? 

It’s awesome! The people here are some of the most passionate and friendly people I have ever met, and I have lived and worked in over 11 countries with people and hospitality projects, so it says a lot about the fantastic culture there is here in Linköping! 

Why did you apply for this position?
In my nearly 15 years career in hospitality and marketing I have run or been a part of many kinds of events and activities…
Festivals, culture week, sports competitions and recreation
But my goal has always been to work with Science / RnD, tech and education.
And for that! There is no better place to be than Linköping Science Park and the legendary Linköping community.

What do you do? and how do you do it?
As Event- & Arena Manager (Goto 10) my assignment is twofold.
At Linköping Science Park I will take the lead on our Events ex. Linköping Science Park Summer Party, Tech Tuesday and Mjädervistafetten but also work within other communications & Marketing projects.
I promise you that I will honor the great traditions!
But! I LOVE to innovate and create new concepts and activities so now you are warned – new and creative is on the way!    

At GOTO 10 – it will be my honorary duty to support all the brilliant minds in organizations when they (YOU)  need an experienced activity-partner (in crime) for an upcoming event. 
GOTO 10 is a top-notch venue for small-medium size happenings and best in the area on live streaming events.
Here I will share the day-to-day responsibilities with Ulli (Community Manager)
and if you attend one of the events or just sit here to work. You will see me and I will be there to host and assist you and your new ideas!

Feel free to Connect with Christoffer Kamronn on Linkedin 🤝

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