Drip, drop—it’s time to make leakage stop. AKKR8 will test and measure water leaks and air quality in Sankt Kors’ properties, with the future goal of helping companies optimize their resource usage and contribute to a smarter and more sustainable Linköping.

AKKR8 develops hardware solutions by developing and using sensors to collect measurement data. This enables companies and organizations to gain insights for improved decision-making.

Two types of tests will be conducted in partnership with Sankt Kors. One to measure air quality regarding particle levels, humidity, and temperature, and another for detecting water leakage in toilets. The goal is to determine if resources are being used efficiently and prevent future leaks.

By collecting measurement data from sensors, information can be analyzed to provide companies with better insights on how to improve their operations and, for example, save resources. 

The tests have been made possible by AKKR8 participating in Linköpings Draknäste and applying for testbed vouchers. The vouchers are distributed by Linköping municipality to promote the development of solutions that contribute to a more climate-neutral Linköping, within the framework of Climate Neutral Linköping and Viable Cities.