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Today and tomorrow – AI in service to the world as a shared social space

  • 20 June, 11:00-13:00
  • Visualiseringscenter C, Kungsgatan 54, Norrköping
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As we transition from the Information Age to the Intelligence Age, the question arises: Will AI harm the workforce, inundate the web with misinformation, or bring about dystopian scenarios? Alternatively, can it usher in a prosperous global era? If we choose to be optimistic and embrace the latter possibility, it becomes crucial to explore what kind of artificial intelligence holds the greatest potential for benefiting humanity.

Visual Sweden is excited to announce our keynote speaker, Dan Mapes, a distinguished expert in AI and machine learning, and the founder of VERSES. Join us on June 20th in Norrköping to gain valuable insights into the present and future value of AI.

VERSES is developing a unique AI based on nature’s nested ecosystems, leading to artificial super intelligence. Intelligent agents, human and synthetic, collaborate within these ecosystems to solve complex problems. Through the Spatial Web, these agents perceive and understand the world like us, making predictions and taking action. VERSES emphasizes our integral role alongside AI and the Spatial Web, moving away from dystopian stereotypes. Instead, envision a future where AI evolves and enhances all aspects of our lives, upgrading civilization and addressing our greatest challenges.

VERSES believe that an ecosystem-based approach to digital intelligence, rooted in nature’s principles and neuroscience, paves the path to achieving these goals. Embrace this transformative journey and unlock the limitless potential that lies.


Dan Mapes

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