Note: the date for this event has passed. Please contact the event organizator or if you have any questions.

Science Pop Up Expo 2023

  • 19 April, 00:00
  • Goto 10, Teknikringen 7, Linköping

At Science Pop Up Expo, PhD students from Linköping University can exhibit their knowledge and showcase their research to companies and find opportunities to collaborate, exchange research, get a job or engage in a project.

A great opportunity for companies to learn more about current research projects, and for PhD students to get in contact with interesting companies for future collaborations. Take this opportunity to explore and make meaningful connections!

This year, we will start the event at 11.00 by listening to some lectures for PhD’s and master’s students. The event takes place at Goto 10, Teknikringen 7 in Linköping and will not be digital.

Company participants are welcome from join at 12 o’clock, after the lectures.


  • 11:00

    Lecture by Elena Hoffer, PhD of KI and Organizer of careers beyond academia

    A PhD can take you anywhere
    While living in the academic bubble it is sometimes hard to realize that there are career paths other than an academic one. Being faced with making the transition outside of academia can feel like jumping into the unknown. Dare to try and dare to jump. What can we do already during our PhD to make the jump a little less scary?

  • 11:20

    Company presentation Johannes Bintinger, CEO n-ink

    Turning Science-Fiction into Science-Reality

    I aim to showcase the various career paths and possibilities for PhD students, drawing from my personal experiences as a postdoctoral researcher in the field of biosensing and drug delivery systems. I will share my involvement with three different companies – n-ink, Iontronics, and NOSI – each with a unique focus ranging from developing n-type conductive polymers for next-generation electronics to implantable drug delivery systems with electronic precision, to the creation of an electronic nose system. Working with these companies has shown me that there are countless opportunities for PhD students to make a meaningful impact in their field of interest. I strongly believe that exploring these different paths and being open to new experiences can lead to fulfilling and exciting careers that align with your passions.

  • 11:40

    Presentation by Magnus Krogh, LEAD business incubator

    Commercialized research
    Becoming an entrepreneur can be an exciting career path, and it can be a stepstone in an academic career. A startup can be a tool to verify the relevance of your research, build awareness and make real impact outside academia. What can you do to make your research “business-ready” from start?

  • 12:00


    A light lunch will be served as we will listen to a short presentation by each PhD student and afterwards some time to mingle.


Elena Hoffer

PhD at Karolinska Institutet

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Johannes Bintinger

CEO n-ink

Magnus Krogh

LEAD business incubator

  • IMG Arena
  • Combitech /WARA-PS
  • Beaver Codes AB
  • Toyota Material Handling Europe, Design Center
  • Nest Cap
  • Qualcomm | Snapdragon Ride™ Vision System
  • Valunova
  • Combitech
  • Axis Communications AB
  • LiU Holding AB
  • Maxar
  • NIRA Dynamics
  • RISE
  • LEAD
  • Rotosub
  • Prediction and visualisation of complex combinations of materials under global illumination
  • Molecular dynamics simulations of ion diffusion and revised morphological model of PEDOT:PSS
  • Material appearance modelling
  • Augmented functionality in plants with conjugated polymers
  • Cybersecurity in EV charging infrastructure
  • Conducting polymers for energy-efficient displays and active optical elements
  • Towards Cost-effective and Scalable Secure Virtual Private LAN Services Deployment
  • Machine Learning developer/researcher with hands-on experience in Deep Learning, particularly in Generative Models such as GANs and Diffusion Models.
  • Tunable nano-antennas from conducting plastic
  • Sustainable supply chain governance
  • Corporate digital responsibility – Managing cyberattacks in Swedish companies (CODIRES)
  • Community augmented meta-analysis of educational interventions
  • Anomaly detection in aviation Using AI and Cryptography
  • Unlocking AI’s Potential in Education: Embracing Safe and Personalized Learning Experiences


Vinnova, sveriges innovationsmyndighet, Linköping Science Park