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Invitation to free Leadership seminar

  • 30 September, 00:00

Care&Growth + Leader’s Ladder (LedarStegen)

The leadership model Care&Growth is part of the Schuitema Group’s portfolio. It is based on research from South African mining industry, and shows how the main tasks of a leader is to Care for the people he or she leads, and to help them Grow. That produces a leader that people follow because they want to, which is the foundation for legitimate power and successful leadership. Schuitema is now reaching out to the European market, in addition to their strong markets in Africa and Asia.

The Swedish leadership model Leader’s Ladder (LedarStegen) combines Care&Growth with Lean and Agile into a hands-on way to work with your leadership, including continuous improvement and leadership standard.

The presentations are held by Etsko Schuitema, founder of the Care&Growth leadership model, and Bengt Savén, founder of Leader’s Ladder.


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Anna Pucar Rimhagen

(Växla upp Sverige AB, Schuitema Sweden, Nätverket LedarStegen)