Note: the date for this event has passed. Please contact the event organizator or if you have any questions.

East Sweden Tech Girl ft. Visual Sweden

  • 28 March, 00:00

East Sweden Tech girl is a network for people who identify themselves as women and are professionals or students in the technology sector in East Sweden. The purpose of the network is to develop the participants’ professional identity, skills and networking, and to inspire primary and lower secondary school students to start studying tech topics.

Visual Sweden invites you to a gathering together with the network East Sweden Tech Girl on 28 March! The event will be held at East Sweden Game which is a community and workspace for developers of games and digital experiences.The evening will be filled with inspiring talks from tech-girls in the region.


17:00 Arrival and mingle
17:15 Visual Sweden & East Sweden Game introduce Carolina Olsson
17:30 Louise Lennersten CEO at Interspectral – Interspectral develops Inside Explorer – an interactive and intuitive software with volumetric rendering and 3D-visualization of real captured data.
18:00 Johanna Wittenfeldt Customer Experience Manager at XM Reality – XMReality offers tools that empower organizations in the forefront of digitalization to work smarter, generating new business opportunities.
18:30 Buffet
19:15 Pitch & demonstrations Aftnareld & Tangle Math

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