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DevLin2023 – Improving your teamwork by working in an Ensemble, a.k.a Mob

  • 10 November, 09:00-16:30
  • Linköping, Konsert & Kongress
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Som en del av DevLin2023 erbjuder vi en workshop om utvecklingsarbete i grupp med Clare Sudbery. (Denna workshop är på engelska.)

Ensemble programming, also known as mob programming, is like pair programming but more so. Described by Woody Zuill as “All the brilliant minds working together on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and at the same computer”, it brings teams together to maximise collaboration and minimise bottlenecks. Some teams do it all the time, some use it as a targeted tool in particular circumstances – for instance when starting a new project, learning a new technology or onboarding new team members.

In this workshop we’ll practice various techniques and learn how to make the ensemble work best.