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Co-design workshop with Transform Tourism

  • 9 May, 00:00

Learn more about the impacts of todays tourism, the potential that lies behind that resource and what we can achieve when using it sustainably.

Do you like traveling? The travel- and tourism industry has grown a lot and with 9% of the world’s GDP become one of the biggest industries economically. But does that mean that traveling benefits the host country’s economy, and contributes to its positive development?

In our co-design workshop you can find out more about tourism, its consequences and potential and help us find innovative and creative solutions for a more sustainable travel industry. No prior knowledge required.

17-17:15 Mingle & fika
17:15-18:00 Todays tourism and its impacts
18:10-19:00 Sustainable tourism and its challenges
19:00-19:30 Discussion & wrap up
Everybody is welcome and if you register until the 7th we’ll provide fika for you.

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