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Book release: Grokking Bitcoin

  • 3 May, 00:00

Come celebrate the release of Grokking Bitcoin together with the author, Kalle Rosenbaum at Creactive.

The event will include a talk by the author Kalle Rosenbaum, drinks and some finger food. You’ll have the opportunity to buy Grokking Bitcoin at a discount and have your copy signed by the author. We will show a movie for the kids. The talk will be held in English, but we might switch to Swedish if everyone there understands Swedish.

Grokking Bitcoin is a book for technically interested people wanting to understand Bitcoin on a deep level. Readers will be able to grok what makes Bitcoin secure and why they can trust the system. If you’re interested in Bitcoin and you have an interest in computer science (but not necessarily being a programmer), and you want to learn Bitcoin, this book is for you. The book relies heavily on figures, diagrams, and concrete examples to guide you through the topics of this fascinating technology.

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