In 1973 Björn Sandlund founded his company Dataton, and was among the first in Sweden to make electronic music devices. Over the last 50 years, Dataton has moved the boundaries of the possibilities for creating technical solutions for music and visualizations. 

Björn Sandlund started his journey in the music industry by creating the first portable synth, to make music accessible for an affordable price in Swedish schools. Today Dataton creates the software and hardware to produce extraordinary audiovisual shows around the world. 

“Our vision has always been to enrich the visitor experience and promote creativity by providing outstanding AV products. Backed by reliable and powerful technology, show creators and designers can focus on what they do best and really shine, says Björn.

Everything started in a bakery in Stockholm in 1973, later on Björn decided to move his company to Linköping and Mjärdevi, after his wife started a new position there. The location in Mjärdevi had been beneficial for the company’s growth. 

Here there are companies with specialist expertise in hardware, CAD, design and software development, right on our doorstep. We work closely with several companies in the Science Park during the design and manufacture of our media servers, for example.”

Dataton is located in the spectacular black building with different angles and slopes in Mjärdevi. The company HQ features a 20 m wide screen specially designed to showcase the company’s flagship product, WATCHOUT, used for large-scale events, presentations and projection-mapping worldwide.

On  September 1, between 3 and 4 pm, Dataton invites you to celebrate their 50-year anniversary. Read more about the event here: Dataton – 50 year celebration 1 September, 15:00-16:00