More and more people commute by bike to Mjärdevi! Can’t skip the car? Do good and compensate (some of ) your carbon footprints in the LinPark-app!

It ​​is still free to park the car in Mjärdevi- Now it is time to give back by investing in environment and climate friendly project. The 14th of march 2019 Sustainable Science Park will launch a green-nudge campaign in cooperation with Nudgely,  GoClimateNeutral and LinPark. The aim is to make people in Mjärdevi more aware of their commuting-habits. We make it seen that more and more people commute by bike and bus and for those who can not or will not, we make it possible to compensate for (some of) the carbon footprints in the LinPark-app.

Why should I compensate my carbon emissons?

It is not something you do instead of reducing your own emissions. This is something you do in addition to reducing emissions more than you can through your own actions. Voluntary offset investments on their own are not going to save the planet from climate change. It’s providing new and substantial opportunities for sustainable business growth and innovation.


Where does my money go?

We have chosen to cooperate with GoClimateNeutral Sweden AB. Your money will support UN-certified climate projects (CDM) that are also Gold Standard-certified. Gold Standard also focuses on other sustainability aspects than the climate – reducing poverty and contributing to cleaner air and water – which is reported through the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. All climate projects are verified by an independent third party and the investments are 100 % transparent.


Expose and make others contribute

Show that you are one of those who try to “do good” and retrieve a window decal to put in the car. In this way you can make others aware of the opportunity to participate. Pick it up at Creactive(available from 14/3, 2019), Teknikringen 7. Let it be seen that the park is filled with brilliant minds with big hearts!


This is how it works:

  • Sign up for LinPark

Download the LinPark-app and create a user account at swappaccess

  • Pick a plan

Large (Gasoline/diesel cars, >20 km/day): 999 kr

Medium (Gasoline/diesel cars, <20 km/day): 499 kr

Small (electric/hybrid vehicles): 199 kr

  • Pick up your contributor car window decal at Creactive


Did you know?

Voluntary carbon offsets not only allow environmentally minded people to alleviate their guilt, but also seem to decrease their net emissions. (Koutchens “Offsetting green guilt”, Stanford Uni).