We are happy to announce the Co-Creator of 2022: Lisa Åbom, CEO of NIRA.

This is the motivation:

“The Science Park Co-Creator of 2022, Lisa Åbom, stands for generous sharing of knowledge, networks and inspirational talks. She is the CEO of NIRA Dynamics, a fast accelerating spin-out from Linköping University who invests heavily in R&D. 

Recently, Nira built a new workshop in Mjärdevi to expand their testing capabilities.
This year, Nira invited 80 teenagers from Code Summer Camp to try out cars with NIRA’s system installed. Lisa is also engaged in community activities targeting autonomous driving and vehicle safety as well as cloud and 6G communication.

Lisa Åbom’s work is characterized by a humble and competent approach, with a personality that breathes cooperation, co-creation, and community. Over the years, she has engaged in several innovation forums.
For example, she was one of the initiators of the startup arena IndX, she has served as a
member on the steering committee for the cluster organization Innovative Materials
as well as a board member of Linköping Science Park. 

She has also attended as a speaker at the Visual Forum Conference, at Linköping Business Day as well as at various student gatherings. Lisa is an important role model who, through her person, lives co-creation and commitment. 

We look forward to a continued commitment to various roles in Linköping’s innovation ecosystem that we know glimpses at the horizon.”