Many people have the experience of being mentored by someone, usually by someone with greater experience than you within a certain topic or area. It’s often someone who’s worked for a long period of time and maybe someone who’s a leader at a company.

The Reversed Mentorship program takes a new twist on the traditional way of mentorship, with younger talents mentoring a more senior person in an organization. The aim is to share experiences and bring new perspectives and knowledge to decrease the generational gap. The mentee gets the opportunity to listen to thoughts and ideas from a new generation and receive valuable feedback on students’ perspectives of their business and today’s challenges.

Last year’s cohort showed positive results. Part of the feedback was great knowledge sharing and valuable relationships for the future were established. Now we’re looking for students and companies to apply for this year’s program!

What can students and companies expect from the 2022/2023 program?

“The program is a great exchange between students and corporate representatives. It gives students the opportunity to make an impact, and companies get the opportunity to understand what the younger generations expect and value within the different subjects,” says Project Manager Evelyn Sepp.  

How do I apply and what happens after I’ve sent in my application?

“You apply by simply filling out this form if you’re a student and this form if you’re a company representative. After the application period, students and companies will be contacted and interviewed to get a deeper understanding of their vision and to make sure that we can find a good match,” Evelyn says.