On September 27th it’s time to discover the Metaverse, a collaboration between East Sweden Tech Women, Cygni, and Visual Sweden. We’ve talked to Eva Bjerke, Consultant manager of Cygni East about what to expect and how they work for a more equal work environment!

“When we first learned about the launch of East Sweden Tech Women, we immediately recognized it as an initiative we wanted to be a part of. In an industry that remains predominantly male-dominated, the necessity for female networks and communities is important. These spaces provide opportunities to exchange knowledge, seek advice, share ideas, and, most importantly, serve as a safe haven for women to connect with one another,” says Eva.

Discovering Metaverse and its societal impact

The workshop will be held physically in the creative space Goto10 and the goal is to broaden the knowledge of Metaverse and invite more people into this exciting world. You don’t need to have any previous experience or even a technological background to take part.

“You who sign up to our workshop on September 27th should prepare for an exciting exploration of the Metaverse! We’ll delve into what it is, its potential applications, and the societal impact it might bring. By the end of the event, you should walk away with a profound sense of the incredible potential that lies within it!” says Eva.

Visual Sweden who are one of Europe’s most attractive innovation environment for visualization and image analysis and a partner for this event are also looking forward to this collaboration and together discover how Metaverse can be used.

“We are very happy to, along with Cygni and East Sweden Tech Women, bring forth this form of inspirational event. We are only in the very beginning on knowing what role the Metaverse will play in both our professional and personal lives, and we find it very exciting to be part of spreading the knowledge,” says Maja Meurling of the innovation platform Visual Sweden.

Working for inclusivity

East Sweden Tech Women is a network for women and non-binary professionals and students in the technology sector in East Sweden. The network works primarily through meetings with different organizations that get the chance to show and teach their technologies. 

“The goal with East Sweden Tech Women is to create a community where like-minded individuals can come together and share their passions while also bridging the gender gap in the tech industry specifically in East Sweden. Therefore we are very happy to work along with companies who take their inclusion work seriously”, says Julia Bergman of East Sweden Tech Women. 

Cygni are actively engaged in various initiatives to promote inclusivity and equality within their organization.

“We participate in numerous female networks, including our proud sponsorship of Datatjej. Additionally, we organize various mentorship programs to support professional growth,” says Eva.

“Moreover, we consistently address these issues internally, with a commitment to continuous improvement. Our internal conferences always include at least one female speaker on stage, and we prioritize inclusive job postings. We closely monitor salary distribution to ensure parity. While there’s always more that can be done, we are dedicated to advancing these efforts at Cygni!” she ends with.


We hope to see you on September 27th, sign up here!