Today’s Edge matching algorithms for 3D data mostly operate on a 2,5D image, a projected image of the 3D point clouds, where height is color coded in the resulting 2D image. This data input to edge finding algorithms are sometimes not reliable enough especially for objects with small 3D details where edges in 3D can be unreliable, for example can be missing or several smoothed into one. As a result the edge finding algorithm will sometimes fail or at least give poor results back.

Can we find a way to improve todays 2,5D Edge matcher by combining the data and features from the 2D and 3D domain respectively?
Outcome is a result/algorithm that we hope can directly replace todays Edge matcher algorithm in PLB, for the cameras where we can generate both 2D and 3D data at same time.


Good skills and high interest in areas such as machine vision, 2D and 3D image processing, programming, algorithm development, mathematics.


For more information about the position, contact:

Anders Moe, Robot Guidance Systems, +46 729 71 25 27


Charlotte Axelsson, HR Manager, +46 739 20 99 50.

Welcome with your application 15th of October at the latest! We make ongoing selections and offer our thesis opportunity as soon as we have found the right person.

If you would like to write your thesis in a pair, please provide us with one application where you  attach both your CVs  and extracts of study results and one mutual cover letter.

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