Thesis Fair 2020

Oct 5 - 31 2020

Welcome to the Thesis Fair 2020!

The thesis fair is arranged by Linköping Science Park and LinTek. The purpose of the fair is to help students at Linköping University and companies meet to make conections and hopefully bring them togheter so the students can find a thesis work!

Due to the pandemic, the thesis fair will be held here online at Linköping Science Parks website. On this site, all of the companies that are attending the fair will have their own page that you can visit. On the pages you can find the companies theses works, a film pitch as well as one or more links to talk to the companies on a video call!

If you have any problems with something, you can send an email to and we will se what we can do to help you!



Good luck and we hope you find your future thesis work!