Oct 5 - 31

To your right you will find the different master and bachelor theses together with the right meeting room for that specific thesis. Scroll down to find all of the meeting rooms that are devided in different subjects and theses!



Ericsson empowers an intelligent, sustainable and connected world and we do it by relentlessly innovating technology that is easy to use, scale and adapt.

The core of Ericsson is our networks where we connect you, via your device, to all that the world has to offer – calling home, listening to music or sharing the latest cat meme. With 5G we lay the foundation for the future – enabling smart manufacturing, self-driving cars, large scale IoT and more.

Doing your thesis at Ericsson brings you close to hundreds of future career opportunities in locations all over the world with the support to really find ‘your great’ and the ability to rediscover it, again and again.

At Ericsson in Linköping we offer more than 25 top of the line master and bachelor thesis in areas like machine learning, visualization, cloud computing, remote driving, test confidence, DAC design for 6G, simulator development, AI-optimized 5G mobility, and ASIC design.