Ericsson deploys large and complex cloud-based products. During the design of the products many complex abilities need to be balanced: availability, footprint, and response-time to name a few.

Thesis Description

This thesis investigates in detail how the different deployment decision affects the overall abilities of the system.

The following steps are envisioned as part of the thesis work:

  • Investigating all relevant current data on the subject.
  • Implement a test framework to compare delay and throughput of data between components depending on deployment with the following parameters: container, pod, work.
  • Implement noise generating component generating communication, memory, and CPU load. Use the noise generator to evaluate the effect on the system.
  • Analyze the result.

The thesis will be concluded with a result presentation for the Ericsson system development team.


This project aims at students in electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering or similar. Background in wireless communication is preferred.


1-2 students, 30hp each


Ericsson AB Mjärdevi, Linköping

Preferred Starting Date

Spring 2024


C++, Cloud, Optimization, Rust, Golang, Kubernetes, network

Contact Persons

Niclas Nors                                                                                           Christer Lindell

+46 725 07 46 58                                                                                 +46 730 43 55 33