In a modularized system an external database is often required to be able to share the state between microservices and/or survive a restart. Different database implementations and/or configurations have different characteristics in terms of e.g., data access speed and data consistency. This thesis should investigate different common database implementations and the pros and cons of them. The goal is to provide guidance for selecting database based on use-case requirements.

Thesis Description

  • Create a Kubernetes installation with at least two pods accessing the same externalized database.
  • Define a load model to use when performing measurements on the database.
  • Investigate different type of databases ranging from fast access speeds to high data consistency.
  • Define use-cases for the different databases.
  • Summarize the findings so developers can use it as a guide when deciding what external database to use.

The thesis will be concluded with a result presentation for the Ericsson team.


This project aims at students in computer science, computer engineering or similar.


1 student, 30hp


Ericsson AB Mjärdevi, Linköping

Preferred Starting Date

Spring 2024


Microservice architecture, Kubernetes, databases

Contact Persons

William Hellgren                                                                                                     Elisabeth Sjöstrand

+46 724 68 62 49                                                                                                   +46 725 74 62 42