The Lab site operations unit in Linköping develop and operate standardized global ICT (Information and Communication Technology) solutions towards Ericsson global R&D units. Operational stability in a large ICT datacenter is of highest importance. One of the methods to achieve this is to standardize processes and methods in different workflows in the ICT Center. Automated flows will always give the same result and improve the operational stability, reduce time, effort, and cost. The current solution for automated server configuration needs to be improved to include new features to enable improved quality, possibilities for enhanced troubleshooting and verification.

Thesis Description

In this thesis you will have the opportunity to explore and further develop your software skills and knowledge both within graphical interfaces and backend functionality. You will evaluate different programming languages and the advantages and disadvantages they can provide for a given application. Likewise, familiarize yourself with API functionality and how the target IT systems work.

You will get an interesting insight into how an application needs to be developed and work in harmony with other IT systems in a large-scale IT environment with thousands of IT nodes.

The existing solution for automated configuration of server management interfaces has become obsolete and needs to be improved and modernized. For example, there are new API’s that should be used in the backend-part of the solution in communication with the servers as well as in the application itself.

The following steps are envisioned as part of the thesis work:

  • Analyze current solution and propose.
  • Platform to be used.
  • Architecture
  • Functionality improvements
  • Implementation of the decided new solution.
  • Analyze results and compare it with the old solution.
    • What has been the major improvement.

This thesis will be concluded with a presentation of the result for the Ericsson SAN LSO LabIT team.


This project aims at students in bachelor in programming, computer engineering or similar.


2 students, 15 hp each


Ericsson AB, Mjärdevi, Linköping

Preferred Starting Date

Spring 2024


Web design, Python, Java script, HTML, Linux, API, Redfish, Flask, Ilo, Idrac

Contact Persons

Anders Rosell                                                                                                                 Jan Widh

+46 73 043 68 67                                                                                                         +46 73 043 52 72