Linköping adds a new focus to Cyber Security with this project that will give regional companies increased knowledge on how to avoid and handle Cyber Attacks.

As our world becomes more connected we see an increased need to ensure Cyber Security to protect our data and digital information. Sweden is already a very digital country, it gives us great opportunitys aswell as great challengers. As a digital nation we are exposed to more risk but we also have the competense to protect ourselves. But there is a need for greater knowledge and awareness about Cyber Security.

During the autumn of 2020 we offered a pilot of a Cyber Security- training to innovative companies. Linköping Science Park will also offer a number of open lectures on the subject.

Learn from our lecturers 

What happens now?

Our experience of working with this project is that East Sweden is overflowing with competence, knowledge and most importantly a willingness to learn and make changes! Our ambition is that this project will evolve into something sustainable that will help companies and individuals to get cyber secure for a long time to come. But to do this we need your help!

Do you have ideas, expertise or want to contribute in another way, let us know!

Cyber Security Training

During the autumn of 2020 we have given the chance to a group of SME to join a Pilot Cyber Security Training Series. On five fridays the companies will meet together with lecturers on a new subject each week. 




September 25th- Awareness
Lecturers: Säpo, Link22, Sectra

> What does Cyber Security mean?
> What threats and risks are there?
> How does it look around the globe?
> How does it affect my company?



October 2nd- Risks
Lecturers: Sylog, Rise, Nixu Corporation

> The core of Cyber Security
> Analyzing and dealing with risks
> Secretess and integrity
> Availability and traceability



October 9th- Data Management
Lecturers: Saab, Östgötatrafiken, Tekniska Verken

> The Cloud
> Safe Communication
> Protect you assets



October 16th- Digitalization and legal requirements
Lecturers: LiU, Advokatfirman Delphi, Svenskt Näringsliv

> What options comes with digitalization?
> Which legal requirements apply to my business?
> How does the law protect me?
> Trends and developement



October 23rd- Communication and Organization
Lecturers: Specialfastigheter, Väderstad, Teknikföretagen

> How is awareness raised and implemented in your organization
> Change the corporate culture
> Threats from the inside

The Report- ”Cybersäkerhet – en kartläggning av Sveriges nuläge 2020 och framtidsutsikter för branchen”

Linköping Science Park has together with Security Link, LiU, KTH, Chalmers and FOI conducted a study on the current situation of Cyber Security in Sweden. The focus of the study has been to map existing companies within the Cyber Security-area, predictions on the market growth, the access to competence and mapping future research areas. The study was funded by Tillväxtverket.

Advisory Board

As a part of the project we have put together an Advisory Board with representatives from different industries and of several competences. The board works as a reference group to the Training Series.

Linköping Science Park, advisory board, digitalisering, cybersäkerhet, cyber security, sectra, Sofia Lundqvist, Östgötatrafiken, Combitech, Linköpings universitet, daniel kullgard, Delphi
From the left: Sofia Lundqvist, Tina Lindgren, Fredrik Gustafsson, Zeraldin Hajdarevic, Conny Ljungkvist, Matilda Claussén-Karlsson, Masse Antonsson, Leif Nixon, Madeleine Kempe, Daniel Kullgard, Anders Karlsson.

Zeraldin Hajdarevic, Technical and IT-infrastructure manager at AB, Östgötatrafiken

Conny Ljungqvist, Co-founder and CEO, Link22

Fredrik Gustafsson, professor of Sensor Informatics, Linköpings universitet

Leif Nixon, Cyber Security Expert, Sectra

Tina Lindgren, Information Security Consultant at Combitech AB, Combitech

Annika Avén, Ansvarig Cyberförsvar, SOFF

Madeleine Kempe, Head of IT Risk and Security, Saab

Anders Karlsson, CIO, Väderstad Holding AB

Alf Westerdahl, Head of IT Security, Tekniska Verken

Patrik Sandgren, Teknikföretagen

Masse Antonsson, CIO, Specialfastigheter Sverige

Matilda Claussen-Karlsson, Associate, Advokatfirman Delphi


Tillväxtverket, Cyber security, Linköping Science Park

The project is supported by Tillväxtverket.