Prepare Your Business for Future Growth

  • 9 February - 16 May
  • Norrköping Science Park, Källvindsgatan 5
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A workshop series with Focus on Sales and Operations

The Workshop Series

Building structures and capabilities within Sales and Operations is crucial to successfully establish your hardware company in the market. This spring, Norrköping Science Park offers the opportunity to attend a series of 4 workshops focusing on Sales and Operations, with the goal to prepare your company for future growth and increase industrial maturity.

Why Sales and Operations?

Sales must be a part of the entire company culture. We will discuss methods, organization, and processes. We look at how others have done. What are the success factors for succeeding in growing and establishing yourself in the market?

By Operations, we mean everything necessary to competitively supply the market with our products and components. Strategies around production, procurement, and logistics largely involve the ability to build networks and choose the right partners.

How Does It Work?

The workshops will include both knowledge presentations and group discussions. It is led by two experts in Sales and Operations. Together with participating companies, we meet four times during the spring.

The workshops combine:

  • Strategic considerations with everyday operational challenges
  • Theory and methods with best practice and real-world experiences

All you need to know

Who can attend: The workshops are designed for you who work in a leadership role at an early-stage hardware company.

Cost: They are free of charge.

Dates: 8/2, 13/3, 11/4, 16/5 – all sessions are scheduled 12:00 to 3:00 PM

Deadline for registration: February 1

Lunch is included at each session.