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In what area can I get help

Visual Sweden is an initiative based in Östergötland, Sweden, oriented at promoting innovation and regional growth within the visualization and image analysis fields. Central actors are Region Östergötland, Linköpings Municipality, Norrköpings Municipality, Linköping University, several governmental institutions such as SMHI, NFC and FOI, as well as around 50 smaller, mid-sized and larger companies.

What technical / physical environments are available?

Medical Digital Twin, Platform for Augumented Intelligence, Intelligent N-dimensional modeling by multidimensional sensor informatics for computer vision and visualization

What do I get help with

  • You can get help finding the right technology for your needs.
  • You can get help finding partners for new projects.
  • You can get help finding actors
    who are interested in that test new
    technologies in their organizations.

To whom it is open

Large corporations, SME:s, public sector as well as universities and institutes that are active in the field of image analysis and simulation within Industry, Public sector and Health care.

What does it cost

It is free of charge to be a member.

Case that describes how it works

Ongoing projects.

Who’s behind it

Visual Sweden is run as a center formation at Linköping University. Actors such as the municipalities, Region Östergötland, companies, state authorities and institutes are linked to the center through cooperation agreements.

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Who should I contact?

Visit our web for contact information.