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Digital Innovation Hub

In what area can I get help

Agtech 2030 purpose is to establish an innovative environment for tomorrows agriculture. Main focus being sensors, digital tech, AI and the internet of things.

What technical / physical environments are available?

Access to innovation environment where AI, IoT and sensors are used in agriculture.

What do I get help with

  • You can get help finding players who are interested in a test technology in agrarian environment
  • You can get help finding the right technology for your needs.
  • You can get help finding partners for new projects.

To whom it is open

Large corporations and SME:s as well as universities and institutes that are active in the field of digitalization of the agriculture sector.

What does it cost

It is free of charge to be a member.

Case that describes how it works

Read about our news and projects.

Who’s behind it

There are about 20 different organizations behind the initiative, including the Östergötland Region, the Housekeeping Society and the Vreta Cluster.
Linköping University and the Department of Economics and Industrial Development (IEI) is the initiative’s host organization.

Who should I contact

You can contact Per Frankelius at per.frankelius@liu.se.