Study spaces

On the second floor there are a large number of study spaces. Free for you to use.

At Creactive you can find:

  • Free coffee and water
  • Fridge & Freezer
  • Sound system suitable for talks or seminars
  • Microwave ovens
  • Digital display for presentations
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Meeting rooms

The event arena

350 sqm for everything from major seminars, presentations and lectures with up to 100 seated people to small spontaneous meetings over a cup of coffee. The standard furniture is seating / sofa groups around the table, but the person using the room can of course temporarily refurbish.


Creactive Eventarenan

28 sqm, with room for 10 people. Equipped with a projector.

Mediarummet (The Podcast Studio)

10 sqm, equipped with four microphones and a mixer table. Bring your own computer card for recording or hire someone who can help you with your content creation.


A small meeting room for up to six people, located at the top floor of Creactive. You find coffee, water and microwave ovens at the ground floor.

How and when do I book a room?

Between 08 and 16, the rooms and places not booked are open to all.

If you want to book a special venue for special meetings or events, please do so through our booking system that’s linked down below. In order to make a reservation, you have to register an account in the booking system, please press the green button below to do so. We allow student projects and start-ups to arrange events and meetings with us for free. Other visitors must pay a small amount. You will find the prices down below.

Please note that the booking is not valid until you have received a confirmation of your booking.

Our prices

Event Arena
750 kr/per hour
2500 kr/ half day
5000 kr/ day

Board room
250 kr/per hour
750 kr/ half day
1500 kr/day

Idea room
250 kr/per hour
500 kr/ half day
1000 kr/ day

Proud Partners of Creactive