At Creative you can borrow a studio with some film equipment and podcast equipment. Currently using the studio is free when you or your company want to try audio to reach your audience. Creactive brings the studio and some equipment, you are responsible for setting up, recording, producing and the distribution of your content. If you need help with those parts, scroll down below to find our preferred partners for content production. 

Equipment to borrow at the  studio:

  • Camera (you need a SD card of your own) with tripod
  • A camera mounted microphone
  • Two lights with soft boxes
  • Backdrops
  • Extra tripod
  • Four microphones for recording
  • Mixer table 
  • You need to bring your own computer for recording (requires an USB port and recording software installed) 

You maybe want to try film or audio but don’t know where to start?
We have a lot of talented creators nearby. Here are som tips from
Linköping Science Park.

Need help with filming?

Need help with podcast?

Thomas Tränkner

Mathias Lindholm

Need help taking pictures?


Pernilla Andersson

Christine Engström

Proud Partners of Creactive