Here’s some information regarding arranging an event:

Event Checklist – go through this while preparing for your event

  • Is this your first time arranging something at Creactive?
    • We’ll go through the venue with you.
    • Please also read the Creactive instruction manual . The instruction manual covers how stuff works at the venue.
  • Is your event outside the opening hours?
    • You need to collect a tag to access the venue.
  • Do you need to order food?
    • Check out the restaurants and order a week in advance
  • Do you need any technical equipment such as microphones?
    • Tell us what you need and the equipment will be brought out before your event
  • Do you need to rent any material or equipment?
    • Order equipment in good time before the event 
  • Sustainability: check out our guide to making more sustainable events. 


Catering and food

Equipment and material

Media and communication

Inclusive meetings and ice breakers

Do you want your event to be promoted via Linköping Science Park?

Fill out the form below.

Upload a high-resolution image and logotype to our Dropbox here

Your event will appear in “events” on the webpage, posts on Linköping Science Parks social media and the digital screens around the Park.

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